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Please Note: Anti-Hustle Art Studio is on hiatus for the rest of the summer. 

Regular sessions will resume September 2024. Current memberships have been paused. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding registration or membership. 

A membership to help you carve out time for creative self-care


Anti-Hustle Art Studio is a gathering space to make art as an act of self-care and community-care.

It can be hard to carve out time to be creative. Capitalism, social media, and hustle culture sell us the lie that we always have to be more productive, monetizing our hobbies, and striving for perfection. This pressure can make it almost impossible to make things just because making things feels good.

Anti-Hustle Art Studio is a monthly membership where we can reclaim time to express, explore, and play - using creativity as real self-care. Each week there is a new theme and invitations for art, designed by an art therapist. You can attend our live studio time on Zoom or create art at your own pace with inspiration from the project library (140+ prompts!) No art experience required!

Join the membership

Photo credit: Kenton Doupe

Photo credit: Kenton Doupe 

Weekly live sessions 

Create art alongside other people and get inspired by the new art prompts I design for you every week.

Library of resources

Get access to a library of all past project ideas and a space to share art and inspiration with other participants.

Guest Hosts

Learn from, connect + create with wonderful hosts every month. Learn more about our past guest hosts here.

“Adding Anti-Hustle Art Studio to my week has had a huge impact on my ability to slow down amidst some frazzling days.”
"I'm glad I found this room to get out of my head. It’s really nice to have a theme and a few prompts to choose from, and just let your head go where it wants to go. (...) It’s helping me heal my inner child a lot!” 
"I have enjoyed this space so much. Didn't know how much I needed it until I participated in it! (...) I feel so blessed to have found this community.”

*These testimonials have been offered freely and with consent from therapeutic group participants. I do not solicit testimonials from clinical art therapy clients.